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We have over 15 years of experience in the construction sector. Our company have tremendous experience in curtain wall, windows, and doors installation so we know exactly how important it is improving the energy efficiency by applying appropriate insulation to your home. Foam Insulation GM External Solutions is made up of friendly team with a lot of knowledge and experience.

Our insulation can be use on new building, retro-fit, domestic, commercial and agricultural.

Foam that we use are provided by ECON Polyurethanes who are the exclusive in UK and Ireland distributor of BASF construction polyurethanes. From offices in Dublin and Ashford ECON coordinates the specification and application of BASF manufactured polyurethane spray, injection, and specialist coatings through a network of accredited contracting companies.

We have team fully trained as The WALLTITE® Approved Contractors scheme (FOAM MASTERS) and if necessary we are getting support from ECON Polyurethanes technical team to ensure compliance with installation methodology and they always offer us advice on correct application and intricate interfacing with other construction elements. Also, our company and BASF’s technical staff are fully compliant with British Standards, Code of Practice and Building Regulations.


We are using following products:


  • ENERTITE ®  – this is a low-density open cell spray that is ideal for roof, timber frame, wall and floor applications. Applied as a liquid, this water blown system expands to many times its original size completely filling all voids helping to provide a continuous thermal and alright building envelope.


Main features and benefits of that system are:


  • Quickly and economically applied with no waste, minimum fuss and with maximum effect.
  • Cost effective option for superior airtight and thermal insulation
  • Rapidly expands to 100 times filling voids and sealing
  • Ideal for new build timber frame walls, pitched roof construction, refurbished dry linking walls, suspend timber floors, ceiling insulation and flat roof construction
  • Will least lifetime of building and will not settle and sag
  • Improves energy efficiency and provided barrier against unwanted sounds.
  • No VOCs, CFCs, formaldehyde and has no harmful side effects
  • The system has a low GWP (1) and zero OPD
  • Manufactured by BASF the leading global producer of polyurethane spray foam
  • Fully CE Marked and conforms to the Construction Product Regulations


Can be found in link bellow:


WALLTITE ®  – closed cell insulation for cavity, timber frame and masonry walls providing a seamless alright solution. Spray or injection applied WALLTITE ® offers superior all-round performance with the added benefit of airtightness compared to conventional insulations.


WALLTITE®  is ideal for many applications like:


  • New pitched roof
  • Existing pitched roof
  • Room in a roof
  • New timber frame wall
  • Masonry cavity wall
  • External Soffit
  • External roof
  • Refurbished masonry wall ( timber frame)
  • Refurbished masonry wall ( steel stud )
  • Concrete slab ground floor


WALLTITE Technical Guide


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